It's almost turkey time, and every year, we are reminded how lucky we are to have a great group of regular customers who have made it possible for us to keep growing our brand and bringing North Dallas quality, casual places to drink, eat, and hang out with friends and family. And party Harder! 

Anyway, every year, we like to host a Thanksgiving potluck at each Harder Concepts location for the Service Industry and our longtime regulars (but feel free to get a plate if you're stopping by for the first time, new friend!) during the week of Thanksgiving. We'll smoke some turkeys, and y'all sign up for the sides. Ringo's Pub will host their's after the Lights at Legacy at he Shops at Legacy. Addison Ice House's will be on Monday, Mucky Duck's is on Tuesday, Saintsbury Tavern has theirs on Wednesday, and Scruffy Duffies' will conclude our turkey day festivities on Wednesday & with a pre-Thanksgiving party featuring a live DJ! 

As for actual Thanksgiving Day hours, Scruffy Duffies, Addison Ice House, Saintsbury Tavern will be closed, but the other two Harder Concepts spots (The Mucky Duck  and Ringo's Pub) will be open at 7p, which seems to be around the hour you're itchin' to ditch the family for some beers & assuming you haven't conked out in a chair. All five locations will open on Black Friday at 5p. We know how y'all like to grab a beer after your holiday shopping adventures! 

One More Thing & Live Music! 

Don't forget to get down with Empire 6 at Scruffy Duffies on Thursday & Dallas premier pop cover band are performing your favorite hits from the past 30 years, including stuff that's new today! Their first set starts at 9p, so come hang out with us Thursday night!