The Duck Has Been Around for Seven Years!

As the saying goes, time flies when you’re havin’ fun, and we’ve had so much fun at the Mucky Duck that we almost forgot that Wednesday, April 11 is the Duck’s seventh anniversary! As our first bar in Addison, the Mucky Duck was a dream come true, because way back when, we used to hang out at the original Mucky Duck at the Prestonwood Mall, and we always hoped we’d be able to make our own version of that dearly departed drinkery, which is why our bar on Addison circle bears that name in loving tribute. The Mucky Duck has been a cornerstone of the Harder Concepts brand, and we are incredibly grateful to everyone who’s ever stepped through the doors, drank a beer (or three), and come back for more, as well as all the people who are or have been members of the Mucky Duck team. Thanks a lot, y’all. Here’s to another awesome seven years!

Our Patios are Calling…

Let’s forget about last Saturday’s cold snap and get excited for another season of beautiful weather, the kind that’s perfect for grabbing a cold beer, putting on sunglasses, and relaxing on your favorite Harder Concepts patio. Whether you’re hanging at Ringo’s Pub or Scruffy Duffies in Plano, the Mucky Duck or Addison Ice House in Addison, or Saintsbury Tavern in Austin Ranch, our patios are designed to maximize your warm-weather good times. Come by for happy hour and enjoy some sun!