The Final Four

Ever wanted to go to Phoenix? Phoenix hosts the 2017 Final Four on Saturday night, which makes the Valley of the Sun sound like it’s a fun place to be. Luckily, watching the Final Four from the comfort of your favorite Harder Concepts location with your friends is a fun, beer-filled evening that doesn’t require you to fly anywhere. Saturday night’s games start at 5:09p with Gonzaga and South Carolina, followed by Oregon and North Carolina at 7:50p, and if you watch ’em at Saintsbury Tavern, you can enjoy a bucket of five domestic bottles for only $15. The winners will face each other on Monday night at 8p in the 2017 Championship game, so be sure to join us for college basketball, craft beers, great food, and lots of good times!

Baseball Returns!

Speaking of Monday, it’s also Opening Day for the Rangers! Their game against the Royals is at 2:05p and Yu Darvish is the starting pitcher! As you can tell by the exclamation points, we’re pretty excited about that! Also exciting: happy hour! If you come watch the game at your local Harder Concepts spot, you can enjoy both! We hope to see you there!