The Last Taco Thursday at Saintsbury Tavern!

Gather your gang and get some happy hour drinks at Saintsbury Tavern on Thursday, and we’ll complement your beverage with some free tacos one last time. Come raise a toast and a taco in celebration of our weekly tradition’s last hurrah! Don’t worry – we have a new fun thing coming up to announce, but for now, we’re going to give Taco Thursday a proper, delicious sendoff.

Got Super Bowl Plans? Watch It With Us!

When the Super Bowl finally rolls around, it always feels like the season only just begun a week or two ago, but here we are, prepping for the big game. Where has the time gone??? Of course, we’ll have it at each Harder Concepts location, and you can count on some killer gameday specials as well as a wide array of small plates and big bites to go with your favorite craft and classic beer. Who are you putting your money on? The 49ers are favored, with their vaunted defense predicted to keep Patrick Mahones penned in. But upsets happen. Maybe the Chiefs can boss the Niners back to the Bay with an L. But no matter who you’re backing, your friends at Harder Concepts are here to help you have a good time. Kick off’s at 5:30p, and we’re open for lunch – plenty of time to get settled in at a table with a round of beers and snacks for you and your buds!