There’s Like, This Totally ’80s Party!

Saintsbury Tavern is throwin’ back to the ’80s on Saturday night with a totally radical party – if you have legwarmers and spandex, this is the best reason to stretch ’em on! We’ll have the decade’s best jams blastin’, and we’re gonna be ready to party in our loudest, Reagan-era costumes. Whether your ’80s flavor is Sunset Strip Hair Metal, Madonna, the Goonies, or Cobra Kai, get dressed up and get down with us! 

Friday is National Beer Drinking Day!

Also known as “Business As Usual Day,” Friday celebrates one of the world’s oldest inventions, which is coincidentally our favorite beverage. As you are probably aware, each Harder Concepts location has a carefully curated selection of locally brewed beers as well as craft brews from all over the country and the world, plus the good ole’ standbys like Bud, Miller, and Coors. Get Uber or Lyfted to your favorite Harder Concept spot and knock back some bottles, cans, and/or pints of one of mankind’s greatest ideas!


Week 4 of the NFL Season is upon us, and if you haven’t been by a Harder Concepts bar on a Football Day yet, you’re missing out on a super fun party! Each bar is basically like a church for football fans, and like every congregation, the more the merrier! This Saturday, we’re the most stoked for the West Virginia – Texas Tech game at 11a, the Baylor – Oklahoma game at 2:30p, and the Ole Miss – LSU game at 8:15p. As for Sunday, the Cowboys play at noon, but we’ll be keeping tabs on all the other lunchtime games as well. Whatever your team is, get to your local Harder Concept bar and grill early because those tables fill up fast! See y’all this weekend!