Turkey Time!

Big thanks to everyone who joined us at our Thanksgiving potlucks on Tuesday at the Mucky Duck and Addison Ice House – we’re doing one more on Wednesday (tonight) at Saintsbury Tavern, so bring your favorite side dish to go with the turkey we’re cooking. All Harder Concepts locations will be closed for Thanksgiving, so come by and say hi Wednesday night. In fact, there’s a pre-Thanksgiving party at the Brixton if you need an excuse to get out of the house – or wear a onesie! Get those adult footie pajamas (or whatever one-piece garment you own) out of the drawer and rock it at the Brixton Wednesday night while Awesome Sauce melts your face with their covers of ’80s hard rock party jams!

Though we’re taking Thursday off, we’ll be back in action the next day, as each location will reopen on Friday; if you’re out shopping for Black Friday deals, you’re probably gonna want a beer and a shot or two after all that running around! And speaking of Black Friday, in Plano, there is a Shops at Legacy Black Friday Pub Crawl that starts at 7p at Scruffy Duffies, goes to Ringo’s Pub at 8p, and ends up at the Brixton at 9p, where we will throw the party into fifth gear with the always awesome Party Machine. The pub crawl is free, but you need to RSVP because you get swag at the beginning – go to the Facebook invite to let us know you’re coming along! Oh yeah, and also: thanks again for hanging out at our bars! We are truly blessed to have such great regulars, and we are incredibly grateful for your business and your support!