Vitruvian Nights Post-Party!

This Thursday (July 11), Vitruvian Park is holding another concert in their summer Vitruvian Nights Live series, and it features ’80s tribute the Molly Ringwalds, who will rock you with your favorite hits from the era of Ronald Reagan, Cindy Lauper, and Aquanet hairspray – if you’ve been watching the new Stranger Things season, the Molly Ringwalds’ set will take you straight to the Starcourt Mall of your mind. Since Addison Ice House is a short walk from the concert spot, you ought to stroll over for some post-pop drinks – Addison Ice House has a great beer selection, a killer menu, and some tasty specialty cocktails. Come see us!

National French Fry Day Is Saturday!

For all you foodies who are up on national celebrations of your favorite dishes, noshes, and snacks, you probably know that Saturday is National French Fry Day. Somewhere, there’s a panel of experts debating things like superiority of shape (waffle, crinkle, curly, regular), composition (potato, sweet potato), and topping (what is delicious, what is weird, and what is weirdly delicious), but your local Harder Concepts locations are more interested in serving up tasty plates either plain or smothered under a bunch of awesome extras. Each location has its own specialty, so drop by your favorite Harder Concept spot and see what kind of fries are on our menu – and if you want to get creative, you could probably see what they put on nachos and go from there!

Beat the Heat With Cold Drinks!

As rough as summer Texas weather can be, there’s truly nothing like the feeling of stepping through an entryway into a cool bar from a hot parking lot, especially when that feeling is quickly followed by a sip of an ice cold beer or chilled cocktail. Do yourself a favor and beat the summer heat with some air conditioning and a frosty beverage at your favorite Harder Concepts bar and grill!