Welp, Valentine’s Day Is This Week!

If your idea of a good Valentine’s Day date is taking your sweetie for a night out to a fun bar and grill with great food and a huge selection of craft beers, then your local Harder Concepts location is more romantic than a couple’s Instagram photo snapped in front of the Eiffel Tower with that Superzoom “Hearts” song playing. Of course, if you’re single when V-Day rolls around this year, it’s also a great place to mingle – with other people who are happy to be single. Rally your single friends this Thursday and celebrate you doing you! As an added bonus, there are free tacos with your drink purchase at the Mucky Duck and Saintsbury Tavern, so whether you’re bae’d up or flying solo, free tacos are still totally awesome.




Happiness Is in the Eye of the Beer Holder

You know that time of day, usually around 3p, when your mind starts to wander, you look at the clock a lot more frequently, and you find excuses to get up and go to the breakroom? That’s probably because your brain is ready for happy hour. If you’re feeling those symptoms, we highly suggest ducking out of the office as soon as possible and heading directly to the nearest Harder Concepts location. In Plano, this means a trip to Ringo’s Pub for $4 wells and a $1 off everything else from 3-7p, or Scruffy Duffies for $4 domestic drafts on Mondays, $3 12oz can beers on Tuesdays, $4 Deep Eddy drinks on Wednesdays, and a free taco bar on Fridays. For people in Addison getting antsy to get out of the office for a beverage, Addison Ice House’s happy hour goes from 4-7p on weekdays and offers $1 off well drinks, wine, and draft beers; while the Mucky Duck’s 3-7p, Monday through Friday happy hour offers $7 specialty cocktails, $3.50 drafts and wells, and $5 appetizers. And in Austin Ranch, Saintsbury Tavern’s Monday through Friday deal zone also goes from 3-7p, during which wells, wine, and drafts are all $1 off.