We’re Hosting a Watch Party for Courtney Okolo’s 4×4 Relay Run in Rio

The Newman Smith alumnus and University of Texas track star will compete for a gold on Saturday at 8p.

The Colony, TX & Courtney Okolo is probably best known for her fleet-footed performances for both the University of Texas and the United States Olympic track teams, but in Carrolton, she's also remembered as an alumnus of Newman Smith High School. Harder Concepts founders Brian Harder and Jerry Elliot, themselves alumni of New Smith, are so excited about this local athlete's accomplishments that they're throwing a watching party at Saintsbury Tavern on Saturday for the finals of the women's 4x4 relay, in which Okolo and her team will compete for a gold medal in the Rio Summer Olympics. 

€œIt's always awesome to see a local athlete make it to the big-time,€ said Jerry Elliot. €œWe went to high school a long time before she did, but it's fun to have that connection & you just want them to win that much more!€

The USA 4x4 relay team will compete in the finals at 8p on Saturday. Harder and Elliot encourage other Newman Smith alums to join them in cheering her and Team USA on to Olympic medal glory!