…And Taco Thursdays Are Back!

Like Freddy, Jason, and the McRib, Saintsbury Tavern’s Taco Thursday parties were never going to be gone long! We’ve revamped them just a bit, turning them into a killer special every Thursday from 3p to 11p! For a mere $5, you get two of our savory tacos in beef, chicken, or veggie form, along with an ice-cold can of Tecaté! How’s that for a Thursday special? And speaking of special, if you and your special someone are circumventing Valentine’s Day because you both think it’s excessive and less about love and romance than it is about pressuring people to spend money on heart-shaped things, take your sweetie out for his sweet deal! You’ll be celebrating Valentine's Day a day early, and you can toast your choice of frugal date ideas! As an added bonus, the Stars play the Maple Leafs at 6:30p Thursday night! See y’all then!

Oh, Hey, Valentine’s Day!

Of course, for every person who doesn’t get into Valentine’s Day, there are probably 10,000 others who do. If you think Valentine's Day is great but are also into low-key dates, bring your valentine to your favorite Harder Concepts location for dinner and drinks – we’ll even snap a photo on your phone for ya (five poses maximum)!