Catch The Stars And the Mavs At Your Favorite HC Bar!

While the XFL’s existence means that football continues through the non-football parts of the year, the NFL is done until August. That Super Bowl restored our faith in the game itself, and if you made some money off the Chiefs’ amazing turnaround, treat your friends to a drink or two at your favorite Harder Concepts location – the Stars’ and Mavs’ seasons are in full swing, and we’d love to see your faces parked at our bars, gazing admirably up at our TVs as the DFW market’s other pro sports teams captivate us fans with victories and frustrate us with defeats. Sort of like when you cheer for the Cowboys! In closing, come watch sports with your friends at your local Harder Concept bar and grill. The Mavs play the Wizards on Friday at 6p, and the Stars play the Wild at 7:30p. See you sometime between now and then!

National Pizza Day This Sunday!

As if we didn’t celebrate pizza every time we eat it, there’s a day dedicated in its honor, and it’s Sunday. Scruffy Duffies and Saintsbury Tavern both offer various types of pizzas, so drop by and try some pie!