Football Season! It’s Awesome!

Well, here we are at the start of Week 7 of the NFL regular season, and we would like to report that researchers from the Harder Concepts Department of Hangout Management (HCDHM) performed a study recently, and the study’s results indicate that watching football games all weekend with your friends over beers and game-appropriate snacks like pizza, wings, and nachos are consistently awesome. The team’s findings also suggest that even if your team loses, the experience of a communal football game viewing remains highly enjoyable and likely to be repeated for upwards of 16 consecutive weeks annually. In other words, watching football is awesome. Come watch this week’s college and pro games with us this weekend at your favorite Harder Concepts location. FYI: the Cowboys host the Eagles on Sunday, kicking off at 7:30p!

Halloween Countdown!

If you haven’t had time to lurk ominously next to or drift eerily by the Halloween sections at Amazon, Target, Walmart, or your parents’ closet, you might want to haunt those aisles soon. Halloween is but two weeks away, and per usual, each Harder Concepts' location is summoning the spirits of some killer Halloween parties. We’ll give you the devilish details as they come, but prepare to scare up your best costume idea because Harder Concepts’ Halloween monster mashes are known for their spooktacular prizes! Stay tuned, ghouls and boo-oys!