Happy Harder Holidays!

Here at Harder Concepts, our favorite holidays usually involve us setting up a big ol' block party and throwing a huge bash & if you've been to Ringo's Pub and Scruffy Duffies for St. Patrick's Day, you know what we mean. But Christmas is different. We're a family-owned company, so getting together with our loved ones is the most important part of the end-of-year holiday festivities. It's always nice to spend time catching up, experiencing the joy found in watching your siblings open gag gifts, eating snacks and desserts with your parents, and falling asleep on the couch. No matter what, it's the togetherness that matters most. From our family to yours, we hope you have a wonderful holiday with the people you love.

Holiday Hours 

Since all you last-minute shoppers probably need a beer (or a hot cider!) at the end of your frantic Christmas Eve gift quests, most Harder Concepts locations will have regular hours on December 24th (Saintsbury Tavern will close early at 6p.) And with the exception of Ringo's Pub and Saintsbury Tavern, they'll be closed for Christmas Day; Ringo's Pub will open at 8p and Saintsbury Tavern will open at 6p on the 25th. Also, Santa appreciates the beer you were planning on leaving for him, but he still has to drive the darn sleigh, so go ahead and treat yourself. He said to tell y'all that cookies go good with milk, but they also go good with milk stouts!