Help the Mucky Duck Win Some Awards!

It’s Best of Addison season again, and we’re very excited to announce that the Mucky Duck is up for two Readers Choice awards: Best Fries and Best Place to Drink Craft Beer! Seeing as how we take pride in both our food and our beverage selection, we’re proud to have been nominated, and if you need to be reminded about what makes our fries and our tap wall so special, feel free to drop by and order up a plate (we highly recommend the cheese fries with the works) and cold, tasty, local craft draft. Voting is open until June 17th, and you can make your selections at

We’re Making Another Bus Trip to Soccer Town!

FC Dallas has a home game this Saturday against the Montreal Impact, and we’re doing another pre-party/Big Red Bus trip to Toyota Stadium to cheer ’em on! Per usual, we’ll be meeting at Ringo’s Pub for drinks at 5:30p and hitting the road around 6:30p for the 7p game. If you’ve never been to an FC Dallas game, there’s no better way to go than with a pre-party and a ride on a party bus! Get your tickets right here!

The NBA and NHL Finals!

If we’re being honest, things aren’t looking great for LeBron and the Cavs, but anything can happen, and Game 3 of the NBA Finals is Wednesday at 8p. Maybe they’ll make a miracle happen! As for the Stanley Cup Finals, the Capitals are in it to win it on Thursday at 7p, but the Golden Knights might have some of that brand-new-expansion-team-shocking-everyone-with-an-incredible-inaugural-season magic left in them, so who knows! Both basketball’s and hockey’s championship series have been kind of surprising, so join us this week and see how sports history unfolds!