How ’Bout This Weather?!

By now, you’ve probably filled up on Texas weather memes (the one about the temp dropping from 90 to 55 like it just saw a state trooper is our favorite) so we won’t post any, but suffice to say, Fall is here, though this kinda feels more like winter. But whatever  the weather does – and this being Texas and all, the weather can do anything, anytime, anywhere – your pals at your local Harder Concepts bar and grill are ready to slide a beer or a cocktail your direction when you get stir crazy from watching the rain drizzle down your windows and need to get out of the house. Call your buds and/or squad and warm up with some beverages and bites at your favorite Harder Concept bar!

You Like Football and Wings, Right?

Don’t forget about Saintsbury Tavern’s, wonderful wing special every Monday – come by to watch Monday Night Football and get 50-cent Boneless Wings and $1 Coors Banquet beers, plus all other domestics for only $3. What better way to check in on your fantasy football picks than with some cheap wings and beers? 

And Speaking of Football…

Thursday night’s game is the Broncos and Cardinals, kicking off at 7p. Saturday’s top college games include Oklahoma and TCU at 11a, ’Bama and Tennessee at 2:30p, and University of Central Florida and East Carolina at 6p – UCF is ranked at 10 right now, so it should be an interesting game, especially if TCU turns it up on the Sooners and pulls out a surprise W. Of course, the game you don’t wanna miss on Sunday is the Cowboys/Redskins showdown at 3:30p, but we’re also stoked about the Saints and Ravens at 3p – we’ll have both games on, plus whatever other ones you wanna watch, because we have a ton of TVs. Whether you live in Plano, Addison, or The Colony, there’s a Harder Concepts bar and grill waiting to be your football watching HQ, so belly up to the bar during football season at Ringo’s Pub, Scruffy Duffies, the Mucky Duck, Addison Ice House, or Saintsbury Tavern! Come get beers and watch the game with us!