Kaboom Town!

It’s that time of year when the rockets red glare and the bombs bursting in the air give proof through the night that Addison loves to celebrate Independence Day! Kaboom Town, the city’s annual Independence Day fireworks extravaganza is on Tuesday, July 3, and per usual, the Mucky Duck is the official spot for pre- and post-Kaboom Town partying. We’ll have barbecue, beers, and live music on hand to make sure your Independence Day tributes are loud and proud, so toast American freedom with some drinks after you watch some truly dazzling, explosive sky art. Wear your stars and stripes with pride!

World Cup Continues!

Wanna watch the World Cup? The tournament has a couple more weeks left, and the round of 16 games start on Saturday. Who’s your favorite? We’re gonna go with Portugal, who play Uruguay on Saturday at 1p, because we hear they have nice beaches there, or maybe Croatia because it’s where they film the King’s Landing scenes from Game of Thrones (that game is on Sunday at 1p). No matter what, we’ll have the afternoon games on at your favorite Harder Concepts spot, and we hope to see you and your team jersey waving a scarf at the bar! GOOOOOOOOOOAL!

Happy Hour Specials

As the days get hotter, the best thing you can do outside a dip in the pool is cool off with an ice-cold draft or can of craft beer, and each Harder Concepts locations comes packed with the best local brews you could ask for, plus plenty of the tried-and-true Big Beer favorites. So whether you’re keen on the Texas brewery scene or proud to toast your buds with a hearty “Dilly dilly,” drop by one of our spots for a bite and a frosty beverage. We’re here to help you beat the heat.