National Pizza Day

On Thursday, the nation celebrates everyone’s favorite type of pie, the pizza! As we all know, pizza is an amazing culinary invention, good for lunch, dinner, breakfast; it’s universally enjoyed by people all over the world, possibly because it’s tasty whether it’s hot, cold, or even a little burned. Pizza is also a malleable dish, meaning you can make it in zillion different ways, but it will always be recognizable as some kind of pizza.

Are you hungry for pizza yet? What if we told you that someone hanging out at Scruffy Duffies or Saintsbury Tavern might be ordering a pizza to go with their favorite craft brew? Maybe they’re sitting there anxiously awaiting that first bite of pepperoni, bacon, and sriracha bbq sauce. Maybe they ordered that pizza with entirely different toppings. No matter what, that customer waiting on a pizza at Scruffy Duffies or Saintsbury Tavern is about to be very, very happy. Now, do you want some pizza? Come see us!

Valentine’s Day

Some people might think of us as Valentine’s Day destinations, but you know what? They’re great for single people, and couples who like good times over fancy tablecloths! If you’re flying solo on the Romantic Greeting Card holiday, come hang at a Harder Concepts location! Treat yourself to a nice dinner (Ringo’s pub has a new filet that’s a tasty steak at a great price), or buy a drink for another single person going out on V-Day by themselves! Harder Concepts might keep it casual, but our locations are fun spots no matter what your romantic situation is. Who needs chocolate and roses when there are craft beers and cocktails?