North Texas Beer Week!

North Texas Beer Week starts on Friday, November 11, and as you might imagine, we are super excited. If there's one thing we love about as much as rock and roll and football, it's beer. Besides being one of the oldest and greatest achievements of civilization, craft beer has been an integral part of Harder Concepts from day one. To celebrate North Texas' craft beer scene, we're rolling out a bunch of new local brews. Ringo's Pub has Meridian Hive Rhapsody, Crackberry Punch, and 903 Sasquatch, as well as Noble Rey's Barampus, plus Harder Concepts founders' beers Sir Elliot's Pale and Hard 1 Lager & those last two are available at each Harder Concepts location, and during NTX Beer week, they're only $3 a pint! Scruffy Duffies is showcasing Coop DNR and 3 Nations Texas Gold in addition to Cobra Betty Whyte & with an ABV of 8%, Betty Whyte's a strong old gal, so maybe you should try that beer first!


Well, now that we had one nail biting mystery answered on Tuesday, it's time to address the other major news cliffhanger: will Romo play? The Cowboys play Pittsburgh on Sunday at 3:30p, and the way it sounds, it might end up being a game time decision. But whether it's Romo or Dak throwing the ball, the Cowboys seem to have some serious mojo. Come by and watch the game with us this Sunday & we'll send them positive thoughts and good wishes together over some beers.

More Football! 

And by the way, if you root for the Browns, watch your boys at Scruffy Duffies with your fellow Cleveland fans & they're playing tonight (Thursday) at 7p, so we hope to see y'all later!