Stars Aim High!

How ’bout those Dallas Stars??? Sometimes you get so wrapped up in thinking about the fortunes of the Dallas Cowboys and the Dallas Mavs and the Texas Rangers that Dallas’ pro hockey squad almost falls by the wayside, and then bam! You look up and they’re racing toward the Stanley Cup! Luckily, we’ve been up on Dallas Stars Hockey all season long, and we are thrilled that they’ve made it this far. They’ll face the Predators in Game 4 of the playoffs on Wednesday at 7p, and we’ll have it on at all five locations. As an added bonus, each spot has its own Wednesday night drink special: Ringo’s Pub has $1 off all drinks all day, while Scruffy Duffies has $4 Deep Eddy vodkas. Over at Saintsbury Tavern, pizzas and select cordials are half price every Wednesday, and at the Mucky Duck in Addison, fish and chips plates are half price, and Smirnoff vodka flavors are only $4. Pick your spot, grab a table, and get ready for Stars post-season action!

Easter Hours

Easter Sunday is this weekend, and we’ll be taking the day off in honor of the holiday. Whether you’re sleeping in, going to church, or helping the Bunny lay his eggs for your kiddos, have a wonderful Sunday!