Taco Bandito Night at Saintsbury Tavern!

Thursday night (aka tonight), Saintsbury Tavern is hosting a free taco night with a twist – Deep Ellum Brewing Co. is gonna be in the house to celebrate the glory of tacos with specially priced cans of Neato Bandito! The Dallas-based brewery’s Mexican-style lager is a great compadre for our complimentary tacos, and on Thursday night only, they’re only $4! The Free Tacos party goes from 6-8p, so get your amigos together and join us at Saintsbury Tavern!

Cowboys Season Kickoff!

Holy cow! Boy are we glad the NFL’s regular season is back – we were getting antsy watching these preseason games! But lo and behold, the Dallas Cowboys kick off the 2018-2019 season at 3:25p this Sunday, taking on the Panthers at B of A Stadium. Will we be having watch parties? YOU BETCHA! Football season is our favorite sports season of the year, and we are ready for football action with all the beer and snacks and friendly staff you could hope for. The doors at (most) Harder Concepts locations open at 11a, so come early to get a table, because we’re gonna get packed! See y’all on Sunday! GO COWBOYS!

And the Jets Season Starts, Too!

Hey North Dallas Jets fans, don’t forget y’all have a home here, too – Addison Ice House is your official New York Jets watching location, and we are stoked to watch your boys with you on Monday night, when the Jets start their season in Detroit, at Ford Stadium against the Lions. Kickoff is at 6:25p, so come by for happy hour and get settled with a beer!

And If You’re a Michigan State Fan…

Scruffy Duffies is the Official Fan Location for North Dallas Michigan State fans! We hope to see y’all on Saturday night when they play Arizona State!