The Holiday Season Is In Full Effect!

It’s December, and your Christmas shopping countdown is set to about three weeks. Whether you strode mightily through the Black Friday crowds in search of deals, or did your shopping on Cyber Monday, browsing Amazon from the comfort of your couch, or even if you plan on cramming your car with gifts the day before Christmas, let this holiday season be noisy with the sounds of laughter and joy. No matter what you or Santa put under the tree, the best gifts of all are the time you spend with family and friends. Here at Harder Concepts, we aim to give our guests great spots for making memories with the people they love, a place where “hold my beer” stories mingle with your favorite tunes or the subtle roar of an NFL game from the TVs above the bar. This holiday season, gather your friends and/or family together at your favorite Harder Concepts spot and raise a toast to each other. Finding the perfect holiday gift is important, but don’t forget about the gift you can’t wrap in a box and ribbon – a night out for beers with your best buds.

Cowboys and Tacos!

This Thursday, while the Cowboys take on da Bears, we’re taking on your post-work munchies with free tacos (with your drink purchase) at the Mucky Duck and Saintsbury Tavern. Come by for a snack and a happy hour beverage and stay for Thursday Night Football!