Will The Raptors Pounce On The Warriors’ Dynasty?

We’re not gonna lie – we pretty much expected the Warriors to wrap the Raptors up like a burrito and gulp up a championship in four bites, but that scrappy Canadian dino-boys have managed to run this thing, though game five showed that the Warriors still have plenty of the eye-popping magic that’s made them so dominant this decade. Game six is Thursday night at 8p, and if you’re as invested in this topsy-turvy championship as we are, you don’t want to miss it. Pop into your favorite Harder Concepts location for dinner and beers and stay for the game – it’ll be interesting to see how this series plays out.

Dad’s Day This Sunday!

From showing you how to tie your shoes and teaching you how to drive to unveiling the magic of both the “got your nose” and “pull my finger” gags, dads are pretty great. On Sunday, when Father’s Day rolls around, show your love for all your dad’s antics by taking him out for beers and a bite at your local Harder Concepts spot. Dad’s love a patio and a frosty beverage as much as you do, so bond over a couple of cold ones on our patio!